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Havivah Umanah

Havivah Umanah is a Gospel Minister, recording and performing Artist that has impacted lives of so many people in different congregation through her anointed songs of Praise and worship.

She is a contemporary singer & prolific songwriter, born on the 25th December in the Eastern part of Nigeria,a graduate of Public Administration from The University of Abuja.

Havivah  is gifted in the word of wisdom and revelation, a dynamic motivator and Councillor. Her powerful lyrics comprises of psalms that heal the sick, transform lives and amend a broken heart that is why she titled her Album ‘DAVID’S PRAISE’.

She is so passionate about God’s Word, her delight is in fulfilling the will of God and ministering the word of God to every nation through music.


Havivah singing career started unofficially at the teenager in the local church choir, as a teenage singer she was a leading vocalist in the Church Annual Choir Competition/ Concert.

As an anointed songwriter she believes in writing from her heart , the ever flowing word of God, revealing Jesus in all her songs through Revelation in the Word of God, most time she wakes up from sleep singing a new song.

She started writing songs far back her University days , compiling all the songs until 2018 when she finally recorded and releases her first Albums titled ” DAVID’S PRAISE’-12 tracks and the subsequent release in 2019 her second album titled ” MY CONNECTION”- 9 and The King’s Food  featuring her impeccable band crews -AD Crews, all her songs are inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT.

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